5 Great Reasons to See a Chiropractor:

There are many modalities and health options available these days, and gratefully, many people are recognizing the benefits of holistic and wellness-centered options. Chiropractic care is an amazing option for primary health, and if you are unfamiliar (or need a refresher!) on why Chiropractic care is beneficial, here are 5 great reasons to see a Chiropractor:
  1. YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM – This is the primary focus of Chiropractic.  Often, people seek Chiropractic care for pain, however, the benefits expand beyond just pain relief. Your nervous system lives in your spine, and coordinates all other systems in your body. When your spine is holding tension, your spine does not move optimally. This interferes with how well your brain communicates to your body, and can create health and body challenges. Chiropractic care restores movement to the spine, allowing optimal nervous system communication to every cell, tissue, organ, and function in your body. With that freedom, your body can heal ITSELF from the inside out.
  2. BECAUSE LIFE CAN BE STRESSFUL – We all experience stress in varying degrees. There are physical, chemical, and mental/emotional stresses in life, all of which can accumulate tension in our bodies. The tension can show up in the organs, the muscles, the ligaments, the tendons, the connective tissue, and ultimately in the joint structures. Tension creates a sympathetic nervous system response (fight or flight) in varying degrees, which does not lend to optimal cellular, tissue, organ, and hormonal processing. The Chiropractic adjustment releases the stored tension in the body, specifically in the structure of the spine. When the body has greater ease, the nervous system can function in a greater parasympathic state (rest and digest), allowing greater body function and greater healing potential.
  3. CHIROPRACTIC IS A CONSERVATIVE APPROACH – When you have a health or life challenge, doesn’t it make sense to try something non-invasive and holistic FIRST? Medication and invasive procedures do have a purpose, however, not as a long term solution to heath and healing. Chiropractic is a great point of entry to consider first before more invasive and aggressive procedures. As Chiropractors, we look at the root cause of your body’s dysfunction. We know that innately your body knows how to heal, it just needs the freedom to do so. Chiropractic is gentle and effective.
  4. CHIROPRACTIC DOESN’T CONTRADICT OTHER MODALITIES – The focus of Chiropractic is unique to all other modalities such as Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Naturopathy, etc. In fact, Chiropractic works extremely well in conjunction with what you are already implementing in your healthcare regime. Doesn’t it make sense that if your nervous system is functioning at its best that your body will respond even better to all of the other things you do for your health? YES!
  5. IT IS BETTER TO BE FREE THAN TO BE STUCK – Our bodies are designed to move. From the moment of conception, when our cells were splitting and vibrating, to the movement of our blood, lymph, cerebral spinal fluid, and hormones, to the movement of our digestive system, our connective tissue, and our muscular skeletal system. Without movement, our bodies do not function as well as they could. MOVEMENT = LIFE. Chiropractic restores movement, frees  your body of the accumulated stress and tension so you can move, heal, and live your life to the fullest!

If you have questions, or want to know more, please call me! I offer complimentary 15 min consults in person or over the phone. I would love to discuss how I can care for you and your family  🙂

With love,

Dr. Kacie