Just like adults, children are simply healthier when their spines have as much movement and ease as possible. Babies and kids develop at astonishing rates, and ensuring that the nervous system is free from any interference to development is essential.

The nervous system controls processes such as growth, learning, digestion, respiration, and overall immune function. When the spine is free of tension, those processes function the way nature intended.

Babies can be adjusted as early as birth, as the birth process itself can be stressful, and small imbalances in baby’s spine can result.

Spinal imbalances can interfere with optimum nervous system function and can lead to other issues. Parents will bring their babies to see a Chiropractor with challenges such as nursing and latching issues, torticollis, colic, reflux and digestive issues. Often times one it only takes one adjustment to bring about better function and health.

ashland-oregon-family-chiropractic-elements-of-being-pediatric-chiropracticThe adjusting process with newborn babies is much different than with an adult, as they simply do not need much input to bring about great benefits.

Gentle touch and subtle movements are used to bring ease into areas of spinal imbalance. Babies often sleep through the adjusting process, and enjoy the experience.

As babies learn to sit up, crawl and walk, they stumble, fall and often bump themselves. Older children’s bodies experience a lot with running, climbing, and jumping. Over time, these bumps and falls can create minor stresses to the body and spine, which can create future issues.

Having your children receive regular Chiropractic care is one of the most effective forms of prevention. The goal is to allow kids to experience childhood with as much vigor, health, and happiness that they can handle!