ashland-oregon-family-chiropractic-elements-of-being-img1The postpartum period is often a time when mamas need much support. During the process of growing and birthing a new baby, many physical, psychological, and emotional changes occur.

After the birth process, mamas need to heal, and will experience hormonal changes, weakened core musculature, sleep deprivation and new positional changes from nursing, baby carrying and baby wearing.

These experiences can lead to stress and discomfort, and receiving Chiropractic care during the postnatal time is an honoring way to ease into this transition.

New mamas can be adjusted shortly after birth, which can increase healing time, facilitate normal pelvic and spinal balance and ease, and reduce nervous system stress. Just as a new baby is supported, cared for and nurtured during the weeks and months after birth, so should be the mother. Chiropractic care is a gentle and effective health care option during this sacred time.