Dr. Kacie has gentle, firm hands that always make me feel like she’s paying attention to my body in a way that very few body workers do. 
Her approach is loving and kind, and all of the pregnant moms and kids in the space make it clear that hers is a safe space for anyone. 
While I’m not a baby or a mom, I’d recommend Dr. Kacie highly to anyone who wants to feel more peace and freedom of movement in their body!
– Sam Z.


My first impression of Dr. Kacie is that she is a friendly, gentle woman who was sincerely interested in building and nurturing a therapeutic relationship with me.  That was fantastic.  And it’s special when you don’t feel like just.another.patient.  Big giant points right there.
As someone familiar with body work, the BEST sign of someone who is going to pay great respect to your body is someone who doesn’t need a lot of force to understand its limitations.  She found where I was stuck, explained everything she was doing, and here’s the best part….
SHE MOVED THINGS BACK INTO PLACE GENTLY!  I got immediate relief, so much so that I started to laugh and say Yay! right there on the table.  And just because my pelvis felt better didn’t mean the appointment was over.  She started at my feet and went straight up to my neck and head before I left the appointment that day.
She suggested a follow up appointment a week later to check on how my body held the adjustments.  Totally reasonable and responsible!
On my way out, I was informed of her amazing options to reduce my out of pocket costs on return visits, and was scheduled for my follow up without delay.
I’m already a loyal patient of Dr. Kacie’s after a single meeting, because I left her office feeling like she would naturally prioritize my health and well being without judging, pushing or harming me or baby.
I could not recommend her more.  She’s fabulous.
– Vivi W.


After a less than ideal experience many years ago with a chiropractor I wasn’t very hopeful when my orthopedic surgeon suggested visiting one. Dr. Kacie Flegal sure turned around my opinion. She’s helped me a great deal. My use of OTC pain killers has gone from a couple of times a day down to almost none. In addition to adjustments, Dr. Kacie taught me some exercises to help. Her demeanor is kind, caring, and optimistic. She’s a great listener and empathetic.
The pricing structure seems very reasonable, although I haven’t surveyed other chiropractors. There are discounts for buying multiple treatments at once.  I’m so happy with my experience at Elements of Being.
– Scott R.


I’ve been going to Kacie for a few years now.  I started to go regularly when I was pregnant and have continued to go for postpartum care.  I brought my baby girl to her at one week old and have continued treatments throughout this year at different transitional times..like teething and starting to crawl.  I can not speak more highly of her quality of care.  I completely trust her!  Most recently my little girl was having trouble sleeping at night.  She was going through a growth spurt and starting to talk..she is 9months old.  My instinct said that something was uncomfortable.  I tried massage and calming tea, gentle acupressure points but I could not release the tension.  After this last session with Kacie, she is sleeping so well.  
Kacie’s approach to the body is truly holistic.  She is gentle and effective.  Her treatments are an essential part of my health care regime.
– Amanda Q


Dr. Kacie Flegal is such a rockstar that not only do I go at least once a week to bask in her healing glow, I’ve convinced my husband and parents to do the same.  Not only is she a patient and gifted practitioner, she also happens to be one of the just plain nicest people you’ll ever meet.  My dad called me after his first visit with her and said “I walked out of there feeling great, and kind of like I’d just met another daughter.”
Kacie is deceptively strong for such a petite lady, so she can do some serious skeletal adjusting when need be…but most of my appointments are spent with her simply touching, stretching and applying gentle pressure to the places that need it the most.  You might feel like you haven’t had much done when you leave, but after a couple of hours, you’ll marvel at how much better you feel. 
Get thee to Kacie Flegal, and feel the love.
– Melissa C


I started seeing Kacie for Webster Technique to turn my breech baby. She was gentle and supportive and the baby turned successfully. She also told me that creating additional space in my pelvis with chiropractic would help with delivery and lo and behold, 6 hour labor! I am not always a fan of chiropractors but I trusted Dr. Flegal with my pregnant body and am totally glad that I did.
– Katamari D.


Dr. Kacie is amazing. I was a quick fan after my very first visit with her over 2 years ago. She is a great listener and very skilled at her trade. I’m even inspired to consider joining her in this line of work. She has a great space, parking is easy.
I’ve referred many a friend and family member to see Kacie. I bring my whole family now to see her, spouse and both kids (6yrs and 8yrs). We benefit tremendously from regular adjustments. I like watching her practice grow in creative and inspiring ways, from offering multiple payment packages and plans, to sharing great info on facebook and the like. Go see this woman – she is worth every minute and dollar! My only regret is that I didn’t find her sooner!!
–Sara J.


I have seen Dr. Kacie several times since she opened her new office. At first, I was a little skeptical, but now I look forward to that time all week. The experience itself is very soothing, and I always leave feeling super relaxed and at home in my body. Since seeing her, I’ve noticed myself being much more aware and in tune with what’s going on in my body.
– Katy C.


This was my first time ever going in to a Chiropractor today. I’m so glad Dr. Kacie was my first! I am pregnant with my 2nd child, and suffered a separation of my pubis synthesis during delivery of my first child. I am starting to suffer from lower back pains and pains in my pelvis again.
Dr. Kacie was very knowledgeable about my issues, and very proactive. She had a lot of information and understanding of what could possibly cause the pain and how it is actually a “symptom” rather than the “effect” of the problem.
I was nervous to “get adjusted” because being pregnant. It didn’t feel like she did a whole at first because her treatment was so gentle. But after about 2 hours of being at work after my appointment, it dawned on me that I am getting out of my chair and walking around with little to no pain in my lower back! Wow! I can’t wait to return next week! Thank-you Dr. Kacie. – Mahea G.
I love seeing Dr. Kacie. I have been seeing her a couple of years-I also arranged to have my partner see her as well. She is a truly gifted healer. She has been able to first stabilize my back and get me out of acute pain and then layer by layer work to restore full function. I find the office so relaxing I usually nod off!  Dr. Kacie has a wonderful warm caring personality and a great sense of humor. I feel lucky to know her.
– Delia B.


Dr. Kacie Flegal offers a truly warm, supportive, caring environment for her patients.  Her knowledge and understanding of the many factors that affect her patients’ overall health make her an ideal practitioner.  Her adjustments focus on more than just the movement of the spine.  She also incorporates breathing, relaxation, stretching, and releasing of trapped energies into her treatments.  I’d been seeing my previous chiropractor for close to 30 years.  It took Dr. Flegal,  with all of her warmth, compassion and skill to make me feel safe in trusting her to take over my chiropractic care.  I’m so glad I did!
– C.C.


Dr Kacie is a powerhouse of love, healing and joy.  Her adjustment style is gentle, powerful and precise.  she is super intuitive and sometimes seems to know your body better than you do!  Each visit is a different experience but I always leave feeling more connected, lighter and very grateful! The work she is doing is the work of angels. She is a blessing and I hope you give yourself the gift of seeing her. I cannot recommend her highly enough. – Sura A.